What is marketing? It seems like a silly question.

Doesn’t everyone have some sense of what marketing is? Yes, I think that’s likely true.

But I also think that everyone has a little bit different idea in their mind of what marketing includes and looks like in practice.  Where does it intersect with things like advertising, public relations, media relations, and design?

I really like how Seth Godin defines marketing – it’s the act of causing a change to happen. Wait, what? That is such a broad definition!

I like this definition though because it gets to the heart of the deeper purpose of marketing. Ultimately the marketer wants the consumer to make a change in their behavior, their environment, or another part of their lives.  The marketer’s job is to show how a product or service can transform the consumer’s life for the better. And since this transformation is (in theory) such a positive change, it will move the consumer to take action – to make a purchase, to donate, to advocate, to share, etc.

So then the questions becomes: how do you market in a way that really does drive action? I believe it starts with having a very clear message that speaks to the people that the transformative product or service was created for. To do this, you have to know them, understand their needs and wants, and use words that they understand. I’ll explain more of my methodology for helping companies achieve this in the next blog.

Once you have that clear messaging nailed down, then you can begin to think about the marketing strategies you will use to get your message out and reach your ideal customer.  This is where things like advertising and public relations may come into play! But remember, creating an ad is not the first step, and is not the same as marketing.

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