Let’s say you are starting a business or growing a business.  No matter what your business, you are probably thinking about how social media fits into your launch or growth plan.  Social media is becoming one of the most pervasive mediums in our lives, and a way to get right into the palms of your potential clients. But it’s much more that just putting out a post. If you think you need to start or improve your social media, here’s some things to keep in mind.

1.Where are the people you want to reach? Which platform do they use? The first step is to make sure your target audience is using social media to find businesses like yours. Whether you are trying to reach parents, business owners, CEOs, or teens, they each have different social media habits, and use platforms differently.  Doing some market research can really help you narrow this down and learn where to find your people.

2. Remember to focus on engagement and building relationships more than your number of followers.  The goal should be quality over quantity when it comes to social media marketing. Think about this – what’s the point of building a big audience if they don’t really connect with you and don’t convert into customers?  There are ways to get a bunch of followers, but are they really your target audience?

3. Now, more than ever before, people are being very picky with what they let into their feeds. If you are not consistently adding value for your followers, they will either ignore or unfollow you. So make sure your content is valuable, relatable, generous, and timely.

4. Stay on top of new trends and new features on the platforms you use. Follow a website such as socialmediatoday.com for updates and how-to articles that can help you keep up with the always changing platforms.  Also, check out this great article about 2019 trends for some additional ideas.

Social media requires a strategy just like any other marketing tactic.  There are a lot of businesses doing a great job, and a lot that are going about it without a strategy. Which one are you? If you want some help with a free social media audit, let’s chat!