When you start a business, building your brand is top of mind. How will you portray yourself and your business in a way that will attract the right people who will become customers? How do you make it meaningful, not just colors and design elements slapped together?

I know I thought through these questions when I started my business, and I’ll bet you did, too.  I love keeping things simple, so here are just 4 steps to take to create a meaningful brand – or to transition your current brand into something that will make you stand out, and even better, bring in the customers.

  1. Know Your Audience

I’ve talked about this one before, but it’s so important! If you don’t know who you are targeting with your product or service, then that is definitely the first thing you need to figure out.  The BEST way is to get out there and talk to them. Conduct some market research, have some coffee chats, see what they are saying on social media – any and all ways to learn about your customers’ needs, wants, aspirations, struggles, pain, and challenges will arm you with extremely valuable information.  You will use that information in the next steps, so write it down and organize it!

2. Know Your Values

When I say “values,” I’m talking about two different things. The first one is knowing the values of your company.  Come up with at least three adjectives that describe your business and what you stand for. For example, the Krone Marketing values are Poised, Creative, Professional, and Personal. I kept these words in the forefront of my mind when working on the next two steps to remember what my brand was going to portray.


The second thing I mean by “values” is knowing your unique value proposition. Do some research on your competition and tease out the things that make you different.  How do those differences make an impact on your customers? Try to come up with five reasons that you are unique and better than others in your space.

3. Create Your Message

Now you can jump into the work of creating some brand messaging. I have a framework that I like to use to help my clients develop this and succeed at developing a very clear message.  You do not want to confuse people with a complicated, long story about who you are. Keep it simple!

Here is a very basic template to get you started: I solve [problem] for [customer] by [solution/plan] to [success/outcome].  For example, Krone Marketing’s brand statement is “I help entrepreneurs share their story with simple yet powerful marketing strategies so they can focus on growing a business that provides the best for their customers.”

4. Create a visual style to match

Now you are ready to go to work on your visual elements – notice this is the fourth step! You have already done a lot of work before moving on to your logo, colors, imagery, etc. That is because all that groundwork preps you to create design elements that match the values and message of your business. It is important that everything aligns when building a meaningful brand. Your customers want a consistent experience with you.  They will feel more trusting of you if they can understand your clear message and see visual elements that align with it.

It’s important to note that building a meaningful brand is an ongoing process. You will not grow one overnight.  But with this solid foundation and then consistency in your marketing strategies, you will be well on your way!

I hope you found this helpful. If you have questions or would like to setup a free strategy session, please reach out!