Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and all they are talking about is themselves? Over and over they are just saying “me, me, me,” and you can’t even get a word in, let alone tell them anything about you? You wonder, do they even notice me? They might as well be talking in the mirror.

I’m sure you have been in that situation at least once, and you know it does not leave you with a good feeling. It leaves you feeling drained, not listened to, not understood, and with no sense of an actual relationship with the person.

Now take a moment and consider your customers. Is it possible that they feel like they are just getting talked at, like the example above?  Are you bombarding them with messages that are just noise, and without consideration of your customers’ wants and needs?

I love helping companies consider these questions and create messaging that becomes clear, relevant, and more like music than just noise to your customers’ ears.  To do this I follow a simple, yet effective framework that is similar to the Story Brand Process from Donald Miller. One of the main tenants of this process is to make the customer the hero of your story, or message.  I repeat – the customer is the hero, not your company!

Using this important shift in your thinking, you can then craft a clear and compelling story about how the customer (hero):

  1. Has a problem (a villain);
  2. Meets a guide (your company);
  3. Who gives the hero a plan;
  4. And calls the hero to action;
  5. Which ends in success;
  6. And avoids failure.

This simple framework, when built out properly, can be used for any type and size of company to bring clarity and directness to their marketing message.  And because it is based in story form, it follows a narrative that every person is familiar with.  It is the same framework used for basically any movie and tale as old as time.  We relate to it and understand it, even if only at a subconscious level.

By starting with this framework and building out your key messaging points, you are laying important groundwork for the rest of your marketing strategy. Want to learn more and have some guidance in getting started? Reach out today for your free strategy consultation! It may be just what you need to take your business to the next level.