4 Signs You’re Ready to Hire a Marketing Expert

When you run a business, there are so many decisions to make and it seems like your day is full of ruminating on your next moves – how to launch, how to ship, and when to hire. It’s exciting that you can call the shots and make those big decisions! But sometimes it can be scary to take that next step and know you are doing the right thing. It can be especially daunting to bring someone else on-board to support your business.

Luckily, when it comes to marketing, you don’t have to bring on a full time employee to get the help you need. Marketing agencies and contractors can usually be a great investment on a short term or retainer basis to help get your business started on the right foot, or take your business to the next level.

When considering how to proceed with your marketing efforts, consider these four signs that it may be time to hire a marketing expert.

1. Your marketing tasks always seem to slip to the bottom of your list.
You always have a long list of things to do for your business, but do the marketing tasks keep slipping down the list? Do the tasks related to developing your products and services, or structuring the business, always seem to take precedent? That’s because you are the expert at your business and you want to make sure what you are delivering is the best it can be for your customer. And that is great! You be the expert of your product or service, and let someone else be the marketing expert.

2. You have a business plan but not a marketing plan.
You have a solid business plan in place that is going to lead your business to great places – awesome! Maybe it even includes some marketing plans. However, if you don’t have a dedicated marketing plan for your whole year, consider if some outside help could bring that full plan to fruition and get you on the path to business growth.

3. You figure out what to post on social media about one minute before posting (or think about it all day before deciding).
We’ve all been there – that conundrum about how to be effective on social media. It either takes up too much brain power, or hardly any. And either way, you are left wondering, am I doing this right? Social media can be a powerful tool for business growth when used effectively. If it often leaves you scratching your head and wondering how social media efforts can convert to profits, it’s time to hire a professional to help.

4 When you think about your marketing, your stress level increases.
As business owners, our stress level is high enough! Don’t let your marketing be another thing causing you stress. It is probably one of the easiest things that you can remove from your plate with the help of an expert. When you find the right expert, they can give you a clear plan, develop clear messaging and branding, and handle the tasks that always seem to get pushed down the list. Then you can focus on the business-building activities that you need to.

So now it’s time to ask yourself, “Do these signs resonate with me? Is it really time for me to hire a marketing expert?” If these answer is yes, then don’t wait around. Your free consultation is waiting for you!