A Day in the Life

A day in my pandemic life…prepare to feel exhausted just reading this.

Everyday is different, which some could call exciting. (But for this routine-loving, control freak, it can sometimes be nightmare-ish.) Therefore, it’s hard to say what a day usually looks like. Instead I’m going to make a list of things that I do most days.

Note: the pandemic has gone on for a year at this point, so this is the typical day of recent, we’ll call the latter days of the pandemic.

~ Wake up, not rested, from a baby’s unpredictable sleep schedule.

~ Feed the baby, make breakfast for the rest of the family

~ Let the dog out and feed him

~ Later, pick up dog poop somewhere in the house because I forgot to MAKE him go outside again (he will not do so willingly)

~ Help the kids with some sort of home school lessons. Sometimes Alex and I tag team, sometimes he goes to work so it’s just me, sometimes it just doesn’t happen at all!

~ Oh yea, do some work… might have conference calls, might just have some stuff to get done.

~ Let the kids watch TV, the “educational” kind. Probably feed the baby again.

~ “Is it time for lunch? I’m hungry! What can I eat?!”

~ Okay, time to make lunch. Shoot the kitchen is a mess. Hurry and unload the dishwasher, do some dirty dishes, and come up with lunch for everyone.

~ Tell the kids a hundred times to sit down while they are eating. I don’t want to have to give anyone the Heimlich.

~ I really need to get some work done.

~ Oh good, it’s quiet time! Upstairs kids – door shut, be quiet, only come out if you need to go potty, and clean up before quiet time is over!

~ Is the baby going to take a nap?

~ Yes, I’m listening to this conference call…. my mic is just stuck on mute…

~ Sneak in a shower (and exercise if it’s a banner day)!

~ Respond to messages…texts, Facebook, Gmail, Insta, work email…which inbox did I miss?

~ Darn quiet time over, feed the baby again.

~ Did I put the laundry in the dryer?

~ Crap, what are we having for dinner??? Uber Eats again?

~ Get the kids outside, they need some exercise and sunshine (me too).

~ Take my mobile hot spot to the park and finish working…while (kind of) watching the kids.

~ All day long, get interrupted every 5 minutes by children.

~ Pickup more dog poop in the house. Can we litter box train him?

~ Eat our take out, but make something else for the kids because they didn’t like it.

~ It’s almost bed time…they can just have a bath tomorrow, right?

~ Try to get everyone to sleep and have some adult time. Is that a thing?

~ Repeat tomorrow