Brand Consulting & Marketing Strategy

You are POWERFUL, BRAVE, and CAPTIVATING. Let's build a brand and a plan to match.


Hi! I'm Lesley.

I help solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and freelancers build captivating brands, shared through meaningful stories and powerful marketing strategies. Why? Because you deserve to be noticed and heard by the people you are ready to serve.

I know you want to offer the very best to your clients, and you have worked so hard to get here.  So you owe it to them (and to yourself!) to create a thoughtful strategy for finding each other and sharing why you can make a difference in their lives. Do not let the people who need you pass on by because you haven't put in the work to tell a story that resonates. 

As an entrepreneur myself, I know what it takes to start, brand, and market a business. Finding the people that I am uniquely qualified to help is what lights me up! And my passion is helping others do the same. Just like you, your brand and marketing strategy is uniquely yours. I can help you discover what makes your business unique, how to attract your ideal clients, and create an action plan that is simple, yet powerful.

You are amazing.

No, really. You've done the extremely difficult task of starting your own business!  Congratulations are in order. You have conquered the fear of putting yourself out there, and made the decision to share your gifts with others. You have put in the work to refine your craft, implement your processes, and create a way to support yourself while serving others.

Maybe the venture is brand new or maybe you are just looking to breathe new life into something you've been doing for a while.  Either way, you are in the right place to kick your business into high gear with a captivating brand and an effective marketing plan of action.  You are amazing - your brand should be, too.


Why build your brand?

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Your business is an extension of you. You have put your heart and soul into making it a reality. Now it's time to grow it. One of the most important things you can do when starting or refreshing your business is to define and create your brand.

Building a brand does not just mean creating a logo. Yes, a logo is one thing that will represent your brand, but there is so much more to it.  It is also in the words you say, the images you use, the messages you share, and the way you reach your audience.

To successfully reach, engage with, and get business from your ideal clients, you've got to do some work to get to know them... to develop the right messages that resonate with them... to create a plan of action to market to them... all in a way that gets you the results you seek.

Don't just leave your brand to chance. Instead, build a brand (and a plan) that will be the foundation of your business, and that leaves you feeling proud of what you have built.

Your new or refreshed brand is a few steps away...

  • Identify and get to know your ideal client.

  • Discover your brand personality and develop core brand messages.

  • Create your brand elements - colors, style, mood, typography, and logo.

  • Design and copy write an optimized website.

  • Develop a 90 Day Launch plan of action.

The strategic approach

My goal is to provide you with the full spectrum of brand development and marketing planning. Why? Because I believe in a strategic approach. If you try to put together your brand piece by piece, you will not present a cohesive story to your client. And they will notice. They can tell when you haven't thought things through or if something about your message feels off.

You have worked too hard to get your business off the ground to then miss out on clients due to lack of consistency in presentation.  Start out with a strong strategy from the get go.  Do the work upfront to identify your ideal client, clarify a message that speaks to them, and implement the strategies that will get them to say "yes" without hesitation. That is my wish for you!


Ready to get started?

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    Schedule a free strategy session where we dig into the specifics of your business and goals.

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    Within 3 days, you'll get a personalized plan including project timeline and cost.

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    We get to work building your brand and marketing plan of action!

What others are saying...

Lesley helped me with a rebranding and reorganizing of my website. Her process was thorough and comprehensive and really allowed me to get clear on what my brand is about, it's so much more than updating a few web pages. I really enjoyed the story brand process. Thanks Lesley!

Leslie Ng, Business Coach

Lesley has been very helpful in creating clear messaging for my clients!  I gave her information I had pulled together, explained what I wanted for marketing material, and she produced material that was clear, attractive and in line with the messaging we had created using her simple framework.

Kelly Borchers, Health Insurance Agent

I have worked with Lesley for three and a half years and her ability to communicate effectively through her marketing designs has helped us tell our story. Her work has enabled us to reach our community partners in new ways.

Bud Compher, NeighborWorks Boise

Krone Marketing was amazing to work with. I was unsure how I wanted my logo but I gave Lesley some direction and she made my logo even better than I could imagine. Now I would recommend Krone Marketing to anyone. I absolutely LOVE my logo. Thank you again Lesley!

Wendy Green, Impavido Solutions

Lesley was amazing to work with and she provided us with a unique and beautiful website! She did whatever was necessary to make our vision come to fruition, willingly shifting gears anytime we changed our minds. She was available and communicative every step of the way, making this daunting task much more achievable. I would recommend Lesley to anyone needing help with their website design or marketing services.

Darby Oliver, Anderson and Wood Construction

The time is now

The fact that you are here tells me that you are ready to take the next step in growing your business. Whether you are just starting out, or ready to bring new life to your business, this is the time to lay the ground work for your future success.

Don't wait another day to start attracting the clients that you dream of working with! I can't wait to learn about you and your business during a free, no strings attached, strategy session.